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Why use an RCIC?

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Why Use an RCIC?

With a multitude of Canadian immigration programs available, the complexity and potential confusion of the process might hinder your starting point. Choosing a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) can significantly reshape this scenario. Our consultants boast specialized training, substantial qualifications, and an intimate grasp of Canadian Immigration Policies. They adopt a tailored approach to shaping your immigration strategy, enhancing your chances of securing the ideal path aligned precisely with your unique needs.
Engaging an RCIC establishes a link to individuals with authoritative connections, granting them the capability to make sound decisions on your behalf.







Support & Guidance

Save Valuable Time
As one can imagine, the immigration process can be daunting. Even the slightest error will result in a disqualification. However, working with an RCIC means you can let go of this stress and worry about making mistakes or missing important deadlines. It is an RCICs job to ensure that there are no mistakes, everything is completed and all deadlines are met.
Personalized Assistance
Choosing the right route to Canada can be an overwhelming experience because there are over 100 unique immigration options available to you. Thankfully, our RCICs will sift through all these options to find the right immigration program for you according to your personal goals and qualifications. Once you sign up for our services, they will be available to answer any questions you may have and they will act as your personal guides through the complex world of Canadian immigration.
RCICs Create a Professional Immigration Strategy
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are professional strategists that have the ability to guide you through the labyrinth of the Canadian immigration system. Our RCICs will provide you with expert guidance after evaluating your unique immigration objectives. With a set timeline and intimate knowledge, your assigned RCIC will provide you with tailored options. All our clients are unique and therefore deserves unique solutions.
RCICs Have Expert Knowledge of the Immigration System
Canada has a complex, yet flexible immigration system with ever-changing rules and regulations. This is one of several reasons why it’s so difficult for everyday people to remain informed about current processes. RCICs are immigration professionals who keep up to date with new visa programs, changes and availability. As licensed professionals, they have in-depth knowledge of all visa programs which they can leverage to your advantage.
RCICs Are Regulated by a Licensing Institution
To become an RCIC, a person must pass a rigorous training process. In addition, you must partake in regular training and professional development to have your licence renewed on an annual basis. RCICs work according to a strict code of conduct regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) which ensures that clients’ rights are protected.
RCICs Are Authorized by the Government of Canada
RCICs are of the only persons who are authorized to offer support to clients with the immigration process and are legally allowed to represent your case. Contacting any government institution, whether it be an embassy or consulate, can be a strenuous and discouraging process. By using the services of RCICs, you will not have to make contact with Canadian immigration authorities as they will coordinate all matters on your behalf.
Honest Assessment of Your Best Options
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are obliged to provide you with honest and reliable feedback on your viable options, ensuring you take the right path from the start. Coming to Canada is a real possibility for hundreds of people, but it is a process that requires preparation, time and attention. RCICs take care of this hard work, leaving you new life in Canada without unnecessary stress and worry.
Make life easier and sign up for our professional consulting services today to get an RCIC to handle your case.


Do You Know?

1 in 4 people persons are rejected due to incorrect documentation.
1000s of immigrants rejected due to incomplete data & documentation.
100s of candidates rejected due to misinformation about health requirements.
Candidates must work through and correctly prepare over 10 different documents & forms.

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